Resistance Welding Supplies

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Are you looking for a supplier who is willing to inventory parts and get you consumable supplies just in time?


Cutting Edge Manufacturing offers a variety of resistance welding supplies to the automotive, aerospace, and other industries with similar needs.

What Cutting Edge offers

    • We inventory your high volume parts for faster delivery.
    • We stock a variety of materials for quick turnaround.
    • We custom tailor a delivery schedule of high usage consumables for your convenience.
    • We use high precision CNC equipment to ensure high quality parts.
          • Electrodes
            • Caps
            • Holders
            • Threaded
            • High Pressure Tips
            • Tips
            • Stud and nut
            • Holders
          • Seam Welding Wheels
          • Fixtures

Background Information on Resistance Welding

Resistance welding joins two work-pieces without the need for extra material. Using resistance welding in your process is more cost effective than other types of welding.

There are a variety of resistance welding options to produce the weld nugget needed:

Spot Welding – uses the face geometry of the welding electrodes at a desired weld location.

Seam Welding – employs a wheel-shaped electrodes where the work-piece rolls, the welds are either overlapping to make a complete seam or have a defined spacing.

Projection Welding – uses projections, embossments, or intersections to focus heat to a point.

Flash Welding – is accomplished through applying high current density at a small point to connect two pieces.

Resistance Welding Supply Examples